About Us

Let us sell it for you!
Park your recreation vehicles on Symington Lane and Fermor East
Gain great product exposure
Video security system
Alarm wired fenced lot
Well lit for night viewing
Internet advertising and local advertising
We have a 90% sales rate on all our used Boats , PWC'S , Snowmobiles , ATV'S , RV'S and campers , Classic & sport Cars and all recreational vehicles ! We are in the fun bussiness.
How does it work?
Tried of those tire kickers , Did you know that you could loose the sale by saying the wrong thing to that  potential purchaser,
That's right !  Let us sell it for you! 
No more appointments that don't show !
Free up your weeknights and weekends.
For a small fee, park your recreation vehicles at RecreatiopnXchange and let us tend to the inquiries about your recreational vehicles for sale . With a business that traffics your target audience, we will market your product both in- store, and on our website. Free up the space being taken up by your recreational vehicles , and park your recreational vehicles in our secure, fenced lot. Located on Highway #1 East , our lot gives your recreational vehicle extra exposure and is on route to many recreational lakes that people travel to daily . These customers have an average to high income to spend and are our targeted audience.
Hassle-free means of selling your recreational vehicle - you don't pay until it's SOLD !
All vehicles have to be priced in a fair market selling price and we will guide you towards this direction .
We do discourage over priced vehicles on our site for our display area is offered at a premiere visibility location , so pricing it right in the beginning is very important.
If your unit does not sell there is a storage monthly fee that applies this discourages over priced recreational vehicles.
For each month that your recreation vehicles is parked in our video secure compound, this amount is special rate on storage for selling your unit only , then normally charged for regular storage.
$ 69.00 fee for up to 20 ft boat and trailer , Campers , RVS and Fifth Wheels, or vehicles
$ 100.00 fee for up to 30 ft boat and trailer , Campers , RVS and Fifth Wheels, or vehicles
$ 150.00 fee for up to 40 ft boat and trailer , Campers , RVS and Fifth Wheels, or vehicles
$39.95 @ month on storage fees for smaller vehicles, example PWC ,Smaller boats ATV'S , SNOWMOBILE'S
Separate Parts And Accessiores will be charged 18 % of total selling price.
Fees are based March - October during High season ( fees may drop or will be adjusted if your recreational vehicles are left here for the winter months ready for the next season )
This storage amount is forgivable if your boat sells during that selling month only ,all other storage months ( that the boat has been stored on out site and did not sell do apply ) are added to your total fee .
Fee charged 12 % up to and the first $8,000.00 and a remaining 6% charged up to the next $100,000.00 in value
All parts and accessiores will be charged 18 % on the total selling price
No hidden or administration fees of any type
Marketing season March - October
If you are interested in more information on selling your Toys with RecreatiopnXchange, please send us an email, including information on your recreation vehicles with photos.
Symington Rd & Fermor East
Box 7, Group 612, SS6
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2C 2Z3, Canada
Ecommerce http://recreationxchange.com/
Phone: (204) 981-34-84
“We don’t cut back on repairs we fix them ! before it's sold to you!”

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